Inservice Guide

MicroCutter XCHANGE® 30

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MicroCutter Loading

The MicroCutter is shipped with the Jaws in the open position. Pull the Return Slide towards the Rotation Knob to open the Jaws if necessary.

Engage the Retainer with the front of the Channel. Slide the Retainer with Cartridge on the Channel until a Click is heard. Withdraw the Retainer and ensure the Cartridge is secure

Slide the Cartridge completely in between the Anvil and Channel and then firmly snap the front end of the Cartridge into the window. Remove the Cartridge Retainer.

Insertion Through Trocar

MicroCutter Deployment

Release From Tissue

To clamp the device, completely pull the Trigger to the Handle and visually confirm that the Jaws are clamped. To fire the device, push the orange Mode Selector Button. Prior to pulling the Trigger allow the tissue to compress for 10 seconds after clamping for optimal staple formation.

To fire, squeeze the Trigger fully twice.

Removal through Trocar

Removal of Spent Cartridge

To unclamp and reset the device, pull the Return Slide towards the Rotation Knob.

Approximate the Jaws by partially pulling the Trigger. Pull the Jaws up against the Trocar and then release the Trigger and continue pulling the Stapler through the Trocar.

Stapler Preperation

Special Situations

User Cartridge Unloader provided with each Cartridge to remove spent Cartridge by sliding it on to Channel until Cartridge is disengaged from Channel with an audible click and then withdraw Unloader. Discard the spent Cartridge.

The Jaws can be released at any time by pulling the Return Slide towards the Rotation Knob.

Push Cartridge tip upward (toward the Anvil Jaw) to unsnap the used Cartridge from the Channel. A fine tip forcep or the Cartridge Retainer can be used to push the Cartridge tip out of the Channel.

Always rinse the Jaws in water before reloading.

If necessary, should a complete firing not be possible with repeated motion of an engaged Trigger, advance the Return Slide toward the Stapler Jaw while pulling the Trigger. Once the Trigger re-engages stop advancing the Return Slide.


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